Internet Monitoring System

With the rapid expansion of the internet and the influence it has on consumer behavior, it is very crucial for a business today to have a strong online reputation.

Having that in mind our company has recently developed a very powerful marketing tool, which helps companies build a very strong and healthy online brand by giving them access to valuable online information relating to their consumers, products, and services.

Over 60% of today’s Internet users research products and services online and what they read on the Internet has a very decisive influence on them. According to a survey contacted with a sample of two thousand people, over 70% of the consumers tend to trust busineeses with positive customer reviews.

The problem though, is that companies are usually oblivious to what the customers say about their products and services, which could lead to devastating consequences for their business.

Our internet monitoring system ensures that you are always informed about what’s being said online about your business by continuously tracking content on the internet that is relevant to your business. Equipped with such information you are enabled to manage your brand’s reputation online, which is proving to be one of the most essential factors for success.

Our Internet monitoring system will give you the advantage over your competitors and the ability to strengthen your brand online. This tool will assist you in making more educated and targeted decisions, which will lead to increased sales and profitability.

In Detail:

  1. Keep tabs on your brand. Get the overall image trend of your business and protect your brand’s reputation.
  2. Listen you what your audience have to say about your products or services. Be instantaneously aware of what people are saying, or not saying, about your brand.
  3. Get valuable feedback from your customer that can be used to improve your products or services.
  4. Anticipate the future needs of consumers.
  5. Promptly rectify any negative press before it escalates to a level where it can do irreparable damage to your business
  6. Develop targeted marketing strategies to improve sales
  7. Know what your competitors are doing so that you can formulate smart strategies.
  8. Anticipate market changes and know how to respond
  9. Track the effectiveness of marketing events, campaigns, sponsorships, etc.
  10.  Check whether your original content has been copied or used by others without your authorization.

For more information about our monitoring system and for prices please contact us, we will be happy to assist you in finding the right solution for your business.