Web Solutions

GoldenNet has been developing custom web applications for small and large corporations over the last few years in many different kinds of industries such as retail, real estate, online gaming etc. We have developed innovative and reliable applications solving complex business problems and dealing with large amounts of data. We understand that every client faces unique business challenges thus we make sure that we develop applications that give the customers "exactly" what they need. This approach ensures the effectiveness of the application which no off the shelf software can offer.

We built application that are scalable, portable, and efficient using open source technologies like PHP and MySQL. Using these technologies we achieve big results in a very short period of time and at a very reasonable cost.

Our custom application services include:

  • E-commerce solutions
  • CRM (customer relation management)
  • CMS (content management systems)
  • Social network development
  • Business process automations
  • Smart phone applications
  • Database applications development
  • Statistical systems

If you are thinking of developing and a custom application for your business please contact us for free advice.