Web Management

Updating and maintaining your website on a regular basis is very crucial to the effectiveness of your online venture. With our CMS (Content Management System) you do not need to have any programming knowledge to maintain your website. With the free training we provide at the completion of each project,clients can publish and unpublish content, add pictures and files from anywhere in the world through their web browser. This way clients do not have to depend on anybody for updates which safes money and offers a lot of flexibility.

If your busy schedule does not allow you to spent time on maintaining your website, then you can leave the job up to us. We offer professional and prompt maintenance services that can fit any budget. Purchasing a maintenance agreement with us offers a package with a big amount of benefits such as software upgrades, security patches, online support system, monthly stats reports, email / webmail support etc.

Why a website should be updated and maintained on a regular basis

  • New content added to a website keeps visitors coming back. This increases the chances for a sale.
  • Websites that get updated regularly have better ranking in search engines such as google.
  • Every new page added to a site gets indexed by search engines which increases exposure.
  • A well maintained website is less vulnerable to malicious attacts.
  • A well maintained site exploits the latest technological advances.

Please contact us for more information on our custom tailored maintenance services.